CLIMB Community Development Corporation (CLIMB CDC) is a nonprofit Mississippi charity whose mission is to promote strong communities by providing individuals access to opportunities that inspire self-reliance.  CLIMB CDC implements its mission by delivering solutions for workforce training,affordable housing, and disaster 


Serving over 12,500 low to moderate income clients, CLIMB CDC created over $145 million in total economic impact.


The Workforce Training Institute has trained or is training over 250 at risk and 

disadvantaged youth to enable them to become employed, earn a living wage, and follow a

career path.  In addition to our nationally-recognized YouthBuild program, we launched Cafe

CLIMB, a social enterprise that includes culinary training, a cafe, catering, and contract food

services.  The cafe is located in the first phase of a renovated facility that will house the entire

Workforce Training Institute and related human services programs when the full renovation

is completed.

Moving forward, the Institute will offer new career and training services at the Workforce Training Institute to include

Climb Tech Computer Installation, and Climb Commercial Driving.  In addition, we will extend the reach of Cafe Climb's  social enterprise by adding new geographical locations across the Gulf region.  We are also exploring the 

addition of a charter school to serve students who have dropped out of school by providing educational and job skills training.


$43.7 million were generated through home rebuilds/rehabs and volunteer labor.

In affordable housing, we constructed or rehabbed over 750 homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina, we enabled over 900 residents

to purchase a home or Mississippi Cottage, and we prevented over 100 residents from losing their homes due to foreclosure (Homebuyer Education and Foreclosure Counseling.)  These activities created over $100 million in community and economic impact as well as increased revenue for local and state governments.


CLIMB CDC (www.climbcdc.org) is a Mississippi non-profit community development agency that provides workforce training, housing and financial counseling, housing development, and disaster recovery services in the Gulf South Region. 


Alliances with AmeriCorp, Youth Build, the EPA, The Nature Conservatory, and The Corps Network have enabled CLIMB CDC to generate over $145 million in community and economic benefits. Through strategic partnerships with both local and regional organizations and donors, CLIMB CDC builds sustainable, community-based programs for low- and moderate-income residents. 


CLIMB CDC's Workforce Training Institute (WTI) enables low income individuals to receive on-the-job training, job placement, life skills, and access to college.  Since inception, WTI has empowered more than 450 individuals to earn a livable wage on a career path leading to economic and personal self-sufficiency.


The agency is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is governed by a board of local community and business leaders.