& Hospitality

In the Culinary & Hospitality program participants will be given the opportunity to earn nationally recognized certifications in the Culinary and Hospitality career field. Certifications such as ServSafe, Manage First, Customer Service Excellence Training (CSET), Starbucks Barista Certification, and Skills, Task and Results Training (START),from the American Hotel & Lodging Institute. 



This program also provides participants the following unique opportunities:

  • Interact with local Chefs and Industry leaders

  • Placement in externships with local restaurants, casinos, coffee shops, and cafes.

  • Participate in community service projects, at local food pantries, youth organizations and schools. 

  • Showcase skills through on the job training.

  • Gain Employability skills in all aspects of the Hospitality Industry. 

"The food preparation and serving employment sector is projected to see the biggest gain in 2018." -MS Department of Employment Security.